Rapé Xipão consists of mapacho (nicotiana rustica) and the ashes of the xipão plant mixed with a pinch of regional cocoa. Rapé Xipão is a beautiful teacher in self-discovery. It brings the body, mind and heart into a state of peace and relaxation, while stimulating on an energetic level, which helps us just to be, here and now, exactly as we are.For some, it can be gentle, for others, like a thunderclap. It might have a strong cleansing effect. Moreover it deeply nourishes the mind and body, and helps with breathing and breath work.


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Xipão is a very interesting and unique plant, a bit mysterious, it’s hard to find information about it on the Internet, one can only see it live. Only the indigeus people know about its properties and how to use it. It is a specific plant that grows on palm trees as a parasite. At the same time, it has a unique, very pleasant smell. The people of the Kaxinawa tribe use xipão as a medicine to treat flu and fever, and to alleviate breathing problems. The plant shares its healing properties with Rapé Xipão

Xipão is the one responsible for the calming and cleansing effect of this rapé.


An unusual element of this blend is cocoa. Cocoa has been consumed by the indigenous peoples of the jungle for several thousand years. This plant has always been considered sacred (she even had her own goddess Ixcacao). And today, when we have a variety of ways to test all kinds of substances, we can see that it was rightly called sacred, because cocoa has indeed countless benefits. Many articles can be written (and there are written) about cocoa, so I will only mention a few properties and interesting facts. Cocoa improves mood and well-being (it is the only plant in the world that contains a substance called anandamide, which induces a feeling of euphoria), is a natural aphrodisiac (it contains phenylethylamine, it is she who makes us look at the world through rose-tinted glasses), it has anti-aging properties, supports the heart and blood circulation, it stimulates, energizes, helps to focus and improves memory.

Cocoa in Rapé Xipão is the element that will give you energy and, like the cocoa drink, it helps to find oneself.


Rapé Xipão is a wonderful medicine. It brings inner calm, soothes the nerves, expels tensions, stress, fears, bad energy, and gives pure, beautiful strength to act. It nicely resonates, stimulates and heals our sacral chakra (this is a place where we wonder what our passion is, what makes us happy, what we love to do and how to manifest it) and the solar plexus chakra (which is responsible for joy, a feeling of delight, motivation to act, emotional balance, realization of dreams and plans, high self-esteem, self-confidence, self emanation in the material world, earning money).The solar plexus chakra acts as our internal battery that energizes us.This is the palce that helps us take on difficult challenges, and which helps us to act. On the other hand, the sacral chakra helps us find and manifest what we love to do. Manifesting what we love in our lives, what drives us and what makes us passionate is the way to live fully, be happy and fulfilled. As you can see, both chakras work beautifully together

In short, Rapé Xipão works as follows: it first cleanses us of all that is bad and then gives us a “kick” to act. To just be. Rapé Xipão will help you to “simply” be yourself and discover what it actually means to be yourself – in inner peace, without fear, prejudice, with trust, strength and confidence.

Rapé Xipão is medicine that will help you enjoy life.


Not only the plants create the character of Rapé, but also the tribe that mixes them. The Kaxinawa is the largest Indian tribe, their connection to the jungle is strong and stable, traditions firmly grounded, their language has never been forgotten. Tribe members use Rapé to heal the mind, mostly in conjunction with singing. They believe that Rapé connects the tribe with the spirits of the jungle. Therefore, by working with Rapé Bayamuka, thanks to the blast from the heart of the jungle, you can firmly connect with the Earth and nature – including your nature, the human nature. Kaxinawa means ‘people bats’ – however the name is not used by the tribe members themselves – only by outsiders. They prefer to be called Huni Kuin – ‘true people’ or ‘people with traditions’. This tribe lives in Brazil and Peru and there are about 4,000 of them, which is 42% of the population of all traditional Indian tribes. There was a time that this tribe dispersed – during the latex industry, when rubber began to be mined on a global scale. Many of them then fought to defend their lands, while others wanted to cooperate with the white people. Thus they broke up. It was only in the 20th century that they found themselves within their reach again, connecting and creating a strong structure, restoring traditions and language, and so they live, growing and cultivating the ways of their ancestors.


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