Tete Pava Kuntanawa

Tete Pava Kuntanawa

Rapé Tete Pava is quite a rare and unique blend. It consists of sabiá, Tsunu ashes, and the ashes of the Kawa Xinã and Kumã plants.

Rapé Tete Pava was dedicated to the Harpy, one of the most sacred birds in the Amazon region. It brings peace and clarity, helps to make important decisions, in search of the right path and finding the truth.


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Tete Pava is the native name of the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja). It is not an ingredient of this rapé, but it is an important element. This rapé was named after this bird, and at the same time, the people of the Kutanawa tribe believe that you can meet its spirit during rituals and meditations with Rapé Tete Pava.

The Harpy Eagle is a huge and dangerous predator, one of the most dangerous in the entire jungle. It has eyesight 8 times better than a human’s. It can snatch a sloth from a tree during flight and carries animals weighing 10 kilograms. It is an endangered species, mainly due to the deforestation of its natural habitat.
(Let’s save the forests!)

In the culture of indigenous tribes, the Harpy Eagle, Tete Pava is quite significant. It is a guide for the tribes. These birds are believed to personify the spirits of chiefs. It is a symbol of courage and action. In creating Rapé Tete Pava, Kutanawa shamans wanted to bring the inspirational spirit of the Harpy Eagle into this mix, so that it could inspire action and courage, just as this bird does for them.


Sabiá is one of several rustica types used to blend Rapé. It is this plant to which we owe the grounding properties of this medicine. It will connect you with the Earth, giving you peace, grounding and tranquility.


The Tsunu tree is commonly confused with the Pau Pereira tree. They are not the same plants, although they are known by the same name sometimes. Plants with similar properties bear the same name in different regions and tribes. Actually, it is difficult to identify what Tsunu is, it is the shamans who determine which trees are of that species and which are suitable for mixing with Rapé.

Tsunu provides a sublime and cleansing mood, it has a harmonizing effect on the energetic body. Like the sacred mapacho, it grounds firmly, bringing back to the here and now, purifying the body and spirit. Often used to intensify the effects of rapé and the plants that are used to create the mixture.


Kawa Xinã and Kumã are quite mysterious plants. It is difficult to find information about them, but the shamans of the Kuntanawa tribe often use their medicinal properties. Their presence in Rapé Tete Pava is not accidental. Xinã coffee clears the mind and brings clarity. Kumã, on the other hand, brings strength and decisiveness to our spiritual quest.


Rapé Tete Pava is cleansing, grounding, bringing to the here and now, supporting in making important decisions, in finding the right path, both spiritual and real sense, it helps to see the truth, the reality as it is.

The harpies that watch over this mixture are the personification of the spirits of the chiefs to the people of the Kutanawa tribe. The job of a good guide and leader is to see the path and lead it. However, in order to see it, the eyes and the mind cannot be distracted. Rapé Tete Pava supports in achieving such an undistracted state, in mind, body, spirit and emotions.

It helps you find what is strong within you

Rapé Tete Pawa works well with the third eye chakra (intuition, clear premonitions, access to universal knowledge, contact with the subconscious, imagination, dreaming, inspirations, clarity of life path), supporting in seeing the truth.

It also opens the base chakra (refers to all solid, earthly things such as body, health, abundance, sense of security, as well as firmness, decisiveness, grounding) and crown chakra (feeling of oneness with the Universe, one’s own unlimited potential, using one’s inner wisdom, finding your way of life and the meaning of life, spiritual connection with the energy of the Universe) When working with the base chakra and the crown chakra, we combine the high with the low, we strive for unification within ourselves, a sense of undistracted flow, inner peace and fusion. Rapé Tete Pava supports this process.


The Kutnanawa tribe was almost completely extinct due to the latex industry in the early 20th century as well as to the later persecution. It was actually assumed that the Kutanawa tribe ceased to exist. It disappeared from the Brazilian government map for a hundred years. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, the representatives of the tribe came to the government demanding their rights.

The tribe now has between 100 and 400 members (information on this varies). After years of struggle, they are slowly rebuilding their cultures, traditions, language, history and numbers. To survive, Kutanawa tribe connect with other tribes and they organize festivals where they share their culture, including their Rapé mixes. with foreigners and tourists And although their language is unlikely to be reconstructed, the sacred land belonging to the Kutanawa tribe is now safe and abundant – it develops and flourishes, and the Kutanawa can calmly rebuild their strength.

Therefore, this tribe’s Rapé is charged with exceptional energy – the members of Kutanawa say that Rapé helps them gain strength, clarity and power to have the right attitude and make
the right decisions.

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