I’m Pauli

As you can see by now, I distribute Rape medicine trying to spread it as far and wide as possible. Here on planet Earth – this is my mission, my passion and a piece of my history.

Another piece of my story is a pretty brutal but quite funny anecdote. I have a brother, that is few years older. When we were young he told me a family secret that everyone was forbidden to talk about: Parents went with him on a camping holiday in Bulgaria; the way back led them through Romania, where … they entered an orphanage. And well … they liked me, so they took me in.

Like a regular older brother, he wanted to tease me, so he said some stupid things and forgot abot it. And I… Well I wanted to respect the confidentiality agreement between us, so for the next few years I worked on arranging inside me the fact that it was not entirely clear who I am and where I come from. And guess what? I have a strong feeling that this memory brings me rather closer to freedom than trauma.

In the end I do carry a lot of this rootlessness within me, this little gypsy who, if she doesn’t live here, she will live there, if not with those, then with others.

Along with the gypsy, there is also an uncouth savage inside me with one big addiction – nature. This savage needs a constant connection to her. Nature teaches me to feel – feel her, and therefore myself. Even a moment without her makes me feel barren on the inside, and as soon as I’m connected – I know everything. How to hear and listen to my intuition, how to migrate between the information from the body, the mind and the heart. It is there that I make all my decisions, because only there – in nature I know what to do.

And it is probably with this great love that I attracted Rape to me. Sometimes I think about how my adventure with rape actually started… And it didn’t start gently. It was more like a lightning strike, like love from the first… blow.

And let me tell you something.

I love being here, in the Forca Femina space. I love being grateful to Rape, I bow to it and thank it for putting it’s trust in me. In a world dominated by rush I will try to represent it with dignity.

Rape blends fantastically into our western world, giving us the space to stop,
leading into a state reflection… a state of meditation. And this is what we really need nowadays.

When using Rape, I ask you to respect it. It’s important to me that any Rape user can connect with her deeply. Therefore, I sincerely wish you beautiful Rape’ processes .


Oh, one more thing: I am a photographer and here you can see some of my work during some spiritual events.