Cabolco Croa Parica Extra

Cabolco Croa Parica Extra

Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra is a ceremonial incense consists of the ashes of Pau Pereira and Parica (Parica) trees. This blend is also known as the Queen of Rapé, exceptionally potent and deeply purifying, offering profound insights.

The Croa Parica Extra option, with its unique ratio of Parica plant, bestows a distinctly masculine character to this Rapé, infusing strength, motivation, and yet, inner tranquility and peace.

If you cherish strong, profound sensations in the rapé ritual, then Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra stands as the most intense mixture within our repertoire. It truly is very powerful and striking like lightning.

We highly recommend pairing Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra with Rapé Yawanawa Mulateiro – they make a great couple when you work with healing the relationship between our inner animus and anima, the masculine and feminine within us, the influences from our father and mother.

*We do not recommend it for individuals who are new to rapé medicine.


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One of the most potent aspects of this Rapé is the ash of the Parica tree (Shizolobium amazonicum), originating from the heart of the Amazon jungle. Parica is renowned for its antibacterial properties and has been used in indigenous medicine for centuries. Considered a sacred plant, only a few of these trees are suitable for blending with Rapé, and only the shamans know which. In rapé production, both the seeds and bark of the Parica tree are used. The Parica tree exerts a powerful influence, aiding in self-discovery and inner development. In this extended version of Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra, it fosters a connection with our masculine essence and promotes healing.


This rapé consists also of the ash of Pau Pereira, a tree also native to the heart of the Amazon jungle. It strongly activates the immune system. In traditional tribes, a decoction of Pau Pereira bark is used to treat various ailments, including malaria, cancer, impotence, indigestion, headaches, constipation, and fever. In Rapé, it contributes its cleansing and restorative properties, imparting its healing qualities to the spirit, mind, and body. Thanks to the Pau Pereira tree, Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra aids in dissolving blockages, cleansing, restoring balance, and bringing tranquility.


Cabolco Croa Parica Extra has much to teach its user. It is colloquially referred to as a highly masculine Rapé. But what does that mean? Labeling things as “masculine” or “feminine” helps us understand their general energy, tendencies, or other archetypal associations. In this context, “masculinity” would signify grounding, the ignition of the center of motivation, will, and expression; speaking (more than listening), leading (more than following), being directed towards resolution (more than experience and exploration). It supports the root/base chakra (related to all things earthly, such as the body, health, security, stability, decisiveness, grounding), the solar plexus chakra (associated with joy, enthusiasm, motivation, emotional balance, dream realization, determination, high self-esteem, self-assuredness, material world influence, earning money), and the throat chakra (free expression of thoughts, feelings, words, ideas, needs; clarity of one’s own opinion, ease of communication).

Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra supports development in these areas, which is why we recommend it to anyone working with these energies, regardless of gender.

If you cherish strong, profound sensations in the rapé ritual, then Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra stands as the most intense mixture within our repertoire. It truly is very powerful and striking like lightning.

Additionally, along with Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra, we have prepared another “extra” application:

(With a special nod to those who ask for “something masculine and something feminine…” ;p)

Just as in nature, masculinity has its feminine counterpart, Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra pairs with the strongly feminine Rapé Yawanawa Mulateiro, representing the opposite, feminine side of the energetic spectrum.

You can use them with ease – always at your side – to enhance your connection with emotions, sexuality, intuition, or action, grounding, and the material world. There are days when a bit of extra energy for action would come in handy, right? And there are situations where it’s challenging to understand what’s happening within us. These are the moments when you can reach for one of these two Rapé blends – Cabolco Croa Parica Extra and Yawanawa Mulateiro.

Simultaneously, you can delve deeply into this pairing. These two Rapé blends – Cabolco Croa Parica Extra and Yawanawa Mulateiro – stand opposite each other, like Adam and Eve, like yin and yang, like… In different terminology, they help in the work between the inner anima and animus, the inner father and mother. We learn many things from our parents during childhood. Regardless of how good our childhoods were, each of us has experiences and processes to go through to become our “own” person. Understanding and experiencing these processes (whether logically, emotionally, or spiritually) are essential in the process of personal growth, liberation, and also – building relationships with others. These processes can be strongly supported by deep meditative work with this pair of Rapé – Cabolco Croa Parica Extra and Yawanawa Mulateiro.

If at this moment you feel like reading more about Yawanawa Mulaterio, I invite you to click on this link.

However, remember to delve only as deeply as you are ready for at the given moment.


Caboclo loosely translates to “Mestizo,” specifically referring to Brazilian Mestizos, descendants of local Indigenous people and Europeans. In this context, it also describes individuals of non-indigenous origin who are fully assimilated. In this blend, representing the people of the Amazon, you can find exceptional Rapé creators who infuse their traditional medicine with their own cultural influences. Rapé Cabolco Croa Parica Extra originates from the Cruzeiro do Sul region and was developed by a prominent expert and healer. Raised in the jungle from childhood, he saw a city for the first time at the age of sixteen. He is a great admirer of the forest, its flora, and the natural medicines it provides, including Rapé.

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