EUROPA kuripe

EUROPA kuripe

The design  of EUROPA kuripe in earth tones embodies  ‘returning home’. Earth is, among the 4 elements, the closest to man, it is the basis for all the others, we have basically a constant contact with it – it gives support, a sense of security, food and shelter.

Kuripe EUROPA is made with great love and accuracy. The wood (bamboo) is polished, the tips are sanded, which makes the application of rapé easy.

All our applicators inherited their names from the moons of Jupiter, and these, as we know, from Greek deities. EUROPA was a Tyrian princess and Cretan queen, daughter of outstanding beauty Agenor and lover of Zeus (Roman Jupiter). EUROPA is also the fourth largest moon of Jupiter, of the Galilean group of moons.

Every kind of tube is being created with a specific intention. Let the EUROPA Kuripe support you in your plans, projects and dreams. To give something a shape, we need the earth element. Because the earth has the power to make things real. It also ensures abundance and financial success – it is responsible for successful crops.

This kuripe is medium-sized, you might say unisex. It will be suitable for both women and men. It is possible to purchase this kuripe in a set with the EUROPA tepi. Remember, it’s always a bit cheaper in the set.

We understand that choosing the right applicator is a very important and personal choice, so if you have more questions about kuripe EUROPA, feel free to write to us :)


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