MNEME tepi

MNEME tepi

MNEME Tepi is the only one decorated with such an original engraving. Rough and artistically free. It is dedicated to the freedom that we can find inside ourselves. The true nature of man is unfettered.

MNEME tepi is made with great love and accuracy. The wood (bamboo) is polished and the tips are sanded, which makes it easy to apply rapé to the tube. Thr AGAT is a stone used to decorate this tepi. AGATE. This stone is a symbol of wealth, as well as a long and successful life in health and prosperity. It provides protection, security (also emotional security). It has a beneficial effect on the balance of sexual energy and adds vitality. It supports concentration, memory and analytical thinking. It strengthens the aura and supports during meditation. In astrology, this stone is assigned the signs of Taurus and Capricorn.

The process of creating each of our tubes carries a specific intention. Let the uncouth MNEME support you in making independent decisions; nobody has to do it for you. Observe everything carefully – both the outside world and yourself. Then the universe will have no secrets, no mysteries. Because true freedom is understanding, it is the awareness of the nature of things.

The tepi measures approx. 30 cm. We understand that choosing the right applicator is a very important and personal choice, so if you have more questions about tepi MNEME, feel free to write to us :)



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