TIGER BALM is a tradition that has survived for centuries. It’s practically a national treasure of Thailand.

It contains carefully selected ingredients such as menthol, camphor, and essential oils that act like a versatile Miracle Worker!

How does it work? Like a mysterious tiger’s trick – first, it cools your muscles, and then it ignites them with fire. The sensation of astonishing cooling turning into balsamic warmth makes you forget about pain in the blink of an eye.

But TIGER BALM is not just a solution for muscle pain. It’s also an ally in the battle against headaches, stuffy noses, and insect bites.

Exact Ingredients:

Kapoor – 11%
Pudina Ka Phool (Mentha spp. Lf. Ex) 10%
Cajuput Tail (Melaleuca spp Lf. Ext.) 7%
Pudina Tail (Mentha spp. Lf. Ext.) 6%
Lavang Tail (Eugenia caryophyllus Fl. Bud Ext) 5%
Dalchini Tail (cinnamomum cassia Lf. Ext.) 5%
Ointment Base – q.s.

How to use: Apply several times a day wherever you’re hurting :)

Weight: 10 grams

Conquer pain like a true tiger!


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