Quando SHIPIBO bag

Quando SHIPIBO bag

“The whole world is covered by designs,” says a Shipibo song.
Shipibo are a nation of about thirty five thousand indigenous people living in the Peruvian Amazon region.
They are shamanically based people deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals and natural elements.
The Amazon jungle has a very complex and also very delicate and fragile system. The shipibo, as a man of the Jungle knows that is part of it, taking advantage of it wisely.
Somehow He knows that everything is interrelated.
The Shipibos are specialists in seeing the patterns in nature and reproducing them for protection, healing, abundance and harmony.
Each design has a specific meaning and purpose.


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The designs are painted or embroidered on fabrics, reappear on ceramics or tattooed on faces.
These designs have a code of meaning, esoteric writing related to Shipibo cosmology and its vision of the universe.
The Shipibo Man indicating with her finger the sky full of stars says: “You see that above it is full of roads, so above It’s the same as below, all full of roads.
Their patterns are full of lines, like paths with ups and downs, like life. A model of the shipibo cosmos would be symbolically represented by three superimposed planes.
Our cosmos would be in the, The worlds above and below the earth are perfectly symmetrical, Thus the things that are below are the reflection of those above.
Everything outside of You is a reflection of what You feel inside.

The hand-embroidered Shipibo bag is embellished with traditional Shipibo art on both sides. These tribal handicrafts
are produced mainly by women, and they usually flow to them as inspiration when working with Ayahuasca.
Ayahuasca is a sacred plant with which Shipibo people have coexisted for thousands of years, they drink it during ceremonies to gain knowledge of life and nature.
All Shipibo patterns and designs are symbols seen in the visions during these ceremonies.
The intricate graphics of these patterns, carefully embroidered, show the richness of their culture. They arise with the intention of healing and to attract abundance into our lives.
Each piece is one and only in the world and is a unique work of tribal art.

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DIMENSIONS: 33×34 cm