Are you seeking silence and focus?
That’s good, even very good, because this is where we have the opportunity to find inner peace, better understand ourselves, and get closer to our spiritual goals.
With this intention in mind, PIPES VILCANOTA, both tepi and kuripe were created. Their name was inspired by one of the impressive peaks of the mountain range in southern-central Peru, and as for the design?

Well, these pipes were crafted with precision and love; the wood is polished, and the ends are smoothed, making it easier to apply the rapé to the pipe.

The stone used to decorate this kuripe is White opal. The stone is considered an amulet of good luck – it symbolizes faith and trust. It is believed that it helps to attract friendship and love. It supports the development of imagination, creativity, intuition, the process of change, and also improves memory. It balances emotions. This stone is recommended for people who work with dreams – it brings good dreams. It develops prophetic abilities as well as deepens awareness and fosters visions.

And stone adorning VILCANOTA tepi is MILKY OPAL. It is considered a talisman of good fortune, symbolizing faith and trust. It is believed to help attract friendship and love, support the development of imagination, creativity, intuition, the process of change, and enhance memory. It balances emotions and is recommended for individuals working with dreams, bringing good dreams. It enhances prophetic abilities, deepens awareness, and promotes visions.


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Tepi VILCANOTA measures between 18 and 24 cm – depending on the specimen and the piece of wood it was made of, and EUFEME kuripe is medium-sized, you might say unisex. It will be suitable for both women and men. Remember, it’s always a bit cheaper in the set.

We understand that choosing the right applicator is a very important and personal choice, so if you have more questions about VILCANOTA set, feel free to write to us :)