Woven exclusively by women, Yawanawa bracelets convey their spiritual visions. They contain “KENÉ” or specific symbols invoked for protection or healing. “KENÉ” are a form of tribal identification, and have a sacred meaning. They combine history, memory and tribal art. Calling on the courage, strength, power and wisdom of the ancestors, KENE create a connection with forest creatures. It is a language of great importance for the artistic and cultural heritage of these nations, reflecting the current exchange between the ways of observing, experiencing and understanding the world.

TREE SNAKE – YAWANAWA bracelet is in the form of a closed model. The easiest way to put it on your hand is with soap or lotion. YAWANAWA jewelry is unisex – both women and men wear it.

Size: diameter – 22cm, width – 10 cm.

Each piece is a unique work of art. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.


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more about YAWANAWA tribe:

In the Pano language, ‘yawa’ means ‘white-mouthed speaking peccary’ (an animal similar to a boar) and ‘nava’ means ‘man’. This tribe recognizes the peccary as its symbol because, like them, they are a family that has lived close together since time immemorial. Currently, they have about 1,200 people and inhabit the area along the Gregorio River. They share this territory with the Katungina tribe. The members of the two tribes are largely mixed – most of the members of one tribe have a relationship with those of the other tribe.

The Yawanawa believe in the power of Rapé, called Rume in their language. Legend has it that Rapé came to them after the death of the first shaman – after the funeral, unusual plants grew on his grave, and the wisest man in the village decided that they should be dried and pulverized. Later, they were consumed in various ways and found to have healing properties. This is how Rapé medicine was born.