IO tepi

IO tepi

Through it’s design and selection of colors Tepi IO takes us to a planetary space, where, after appreciating the beauty and vastness of the cosmos, we can experience the deep delight of the universe and it’s mystery, and contemplate on our place in it. Of course, with a lot of imagination :)

Tepi IO is made with great love and accuracy. The wood (bamboo) is polished and the tips are sanded, which makes it easy to apply rapé to the tube. THE SNOW OBSIDIAN is a stone used to decorate this tepi. This stone helps to calm the mind as well as purity of the body, mind and spirit. It helps to soothe anger, gives energy in apathy and aversion, and helps maintain balance in times of change. She supports people who are helping and lonely people. It is useful during meditation and helps to open up to spiritual guidance. It collects negative energy and cleans the space from it. Supports the base chakra. In astrology, he is assigned the signs of Scorpio, Aries, Virgo and Libra.



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The process of creating each of our tubes carries a specific intention. Let the cosmic IO provide you every day with a feeling of connection with everything that exists; let go of control while keeping trust in the universe – that is the only way you can give it a chance to help lead you on your path.

Tepi IO measures approx. 30 cm.

We understand that choosing the right applicator is a very important and personal choice, so if you have more questions about tepi IO, feel free to write to us :)