homilios tepi

homilios tepi

All brown Tepi HOMILIOS can be intended for our beloved Mother Earth.

The first chakra is grounding, the base. Another name for it is the ROOT CHAKRA. It has to do with keeping alive, in general maintenance – layouts, but also money – responsive that help keep you safe through. When we have a good connection with nature – we gain through bankj, we keep both feet on the ground and get the result, including the emotional one.



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The Homilios tube is made of bamboo and very durable jute, additionally decorated with a beautiful stone. Tepi Homilios is made with great love and accuracy. The wood (bamboo) is polished and the tips are sanded, which makes it easy to apply rapé to the tube. The stone used to decorate this pipe names MOOKAITE.It’s a protective stone that gives self-confidence, energy, opens up for new experiences, flexibility and creativity. It helps in  communicating, dreaming and making dreams come true, and overcome fear. It works anti-stress. This stone allows you to re-establish a bond with your ancestors. Supports the Base chakra. In astrology it’s assigned the sign of Leo.

Tepi HOMILIOS measures between 18 and 24 cm – depending on the specimen and the piece of wood it was made of.

It is possible to purchase this tepi in a set with the HOMILIOS kuripe. Remember, it’s always a bit cheaper in the set.