KALLISTO – such a cute set of tepi and kuripe. Just like that. The vivid combination of two colors brings a kind of joyful energy, a lot of life in life. There is something flirtatious about it. It has a joyful banter and even some sort of sensuality. Yes, a sensual pipes, why not?

 KALLISTO set is made with great love and accuracy. The wood (bamboo) is polished and the tips are sanded, which makes it easy to apply rapé to the tube.

All our applicators inherited their names from the moons of Jupiter, and these, as we know, from Greek deities. It’s name comes from the beautiful forest nymph, one of Zeus’ lovers, whom jealous Hera turned into a bear.

Tepi KALLISTO measures between 16 and 22 cm – depending on the specimen and the piece of wood it was made of,  and kuripe is medium-sized, you might say unisex. It will be suitable for both women and men. Remember, it’s always a bit cheaper in the set. 

We understand that choosing the right applicator is a very important and personal choice, so if you have more questions about KALLISTO pipes, feel free to write to us :)



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