KALE set

KALE set

The hot, red KALE set consists of tepi and kuripe. Its energy refers to fire. The purpose of the fire element is transformation, change, passion; burning what was in order to create something new from these ashes.

Both applicators, kuripe and tepi are made with great love and accuracy. The wood (bamboo) is polished, the tips are sanded, which makes the application of rapé easy. 

All our applicators inherited their names from the moons of Jupiter, and these, as we know, from Greek deities. In mythology KALE was one of the Charites (Graces), daughters of Zeus (Jupiter). ln the extraterrestrial space KALE is one of the smallest moons of Jupiter, only 2 km in diameter.

The process of creating each applicator carries a specific intention. Let the fiery energy of the KALE Set bring power to your actions and aid you to make your dreams and plans true. To work :)

The tepi measures approx. 30 cm and kuripe is medium-sized, you might say unisex. It will be suitable for both women and men. Remember, it’s always a bit cheaper in the set.

We understand that choosing the right applicator is a very important and personal choice, so if you have more questions about KALE set, feel free to write to us :)



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