It consists of organic Sabia rustica and the ashes of the Caneleiro plant (Canela de Velho).

This Rapé is often referred to as simply ‘relaxing’. It has strong grounding and purifying properties. It’s best to use it in the evening after work, or after stressful and difficult experiences, or after prolonged periods in tight and / or crowded places like the train or a festival.


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SABIA – Sabia is one of several rustica types used to blend Rapé. It is to this plant that we owe the grounding properties of this medicine. It will connect you with the Earth, giving you peace, grounding and tranquility.


It is a healing plant native to Northeast Brazil, also known as the ancient cinnamon. Traditionally used to relieve arthritis, rheumatism and any other joint problems by treating and relieving pain. It slows down the aging process and helps to remove toxins from the body. It is also used energetically to balance energy and is believed to cleanse energetically and spiritually, making room for growth.


It is a wonderful, healing and integrating Rapé. Like many of our blends this one also has multiple properties, and you can work with it on several different aspects.

First of all, it is strongly grounding and cleansing, it will help you get rid of negative thoughts, emotions, energy, attached entities or energy taken with you accidentally during various events or meetings. It will also bring you relief after a difficult or stressful event. It has an anti-depressant effect. In any situation – it will bring peace and balance to your soul. Thanks to the admixture of Canaleiro, Rapé Baymuka clenses, making room for new. So if you need to grow in some area of ​​life or broaden your perception, you can turn to Rapé Baymuk for help.

Works very well with the sacral chakra (creativity, sexuality, life satisfaction, the ability to derive pleasure from experiences, self-perception and acceptance) and the solar plexus chakra (joy, feelings of delight, motivation to act, emotional balance, realization of dreams and plans, puncture power, high self-esteem, self-confidence, emanation in the material world, earning money).

We recommend using this Rapé in the evening, after a working day, after a difficult or stressful period, or when you feel overwhelmed by other people’s energies, e.g. after using public transport, after a festival, or when you just need to be alone, and you want all entities to come off you.

This mixture is quite strong, so we recommend that you start with a small amount and see how it works for you.


Not only the plants create the character of Rapé, but also the tribe that mixes them. The Kaxinawa is the largest Indian tribe, their connection to the jungle is strong and stable, traditions firmly grounded, their language has never been forgotten. Tribe members use Rapé to heal the mind, mostly in conjunction with singing. They believe that Rapé connects the tribe with the spirits of the jungle. Therefore, by working with Rapé Bayamuka, thanks to the blast from the heart of the jungle, you can firmly connect with the Earth and nature – including your nature, the human nature.

Kaxinawa means ‘people bats’ – however the name is not used by the tribe members themselves – only by outsiders. They prefer to be called Huni Kuin – ‘true people’ or ‘people with traditions’. This tribe lives in Brazil and Peru and there are about 4,000 of them, which is 42% of the population of all traditional Indian tribes.

There was a time that this tribe dispersed – during the latex industry, when rubber began to be mined on a global scale. Many of them then fought to defend their lands, while others wanted to cooperate with the white people. Thus they broke up. It was only in the 20th century that they found themselves within their reach again, connecting and creating a strong structure, restoring traditions and language, and so they live, growing and cultivating the ways of their ancestors.

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