This Rapé is mixed with organic Moy rustica of this region and the ashes of the Sapota tree. It owes its extraordinary properties to the local medicine Apuxuri.
Rapé Apuxuri is strong and fierce, it will immediately bring you to the present, to the here and now.


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Moy belongs to one of the rustica types used in Rapé. Moy strengthens the senses restoring inner harmony.


A fruit tree of Central American origin. It is a plant very rich in healing properties but also vitamins, minerals, and other pleasant goods.

The bark and fruit seeds are most likely used to produce Rapé ash.

Sapota conveys its healing and energatizing properties with a strong blow – cleansing of negative, sabotaging thoughts and emotions, leaving you in a state of peace.

(Fun fact: the tree produces latex milk that flows out from under the bark when cut. It is used to make chewing gum. And contrary to all suspicions, the first people chewing a gum were Mayans).


Well, Apuxuri is… a mystery. There is no information about it as a plant anywhere, so we assume that it is a special blend of local herbs with healing properties – on a physical and spiritual level, which later on conveys to Rape. Apuxuri is traditionally used for fever, general weakness, headaches and eye strain. It is also drunk instead of coffee – to energize. In Rapé, it works against headache, eye fatigue and gives a strong “kick” amazingly energizing and activating the body, mind and soul.


In short, the effect of rape can be described as healing and energizing. The impact enters to the center and distributes the vibrations throughout the body, leaving the mind clear and undisturbed. Rapé. Apuxuri is like entering very cold water – there is nothing that can bring us more to the here and now, to the conscious feeling of our body, mind, spirit, when nothing else matters, but only what is happening right now, in this moment.

Rapé Apuxuri works beutifully wiith the heart chakra (love, feeling of unconditional love, sensitivity to beauty, willingness to help, mild-mannered nature, great relationships, forgiveness, healing, the ability to take and give with joy) and the throat chakra (free expression of everything that is in us, thoughts, feelings, words, ideas, needs; clarity of own opinion, ease of communication).

In short – it gives us access to our emotions and teaches us how to express them. The gentle afterglow of Rapé Apuxuri lasts for a while and all the stressful thoughts are gone.


The Kutnanawa tribe was almost completely extinct due to the latex industry in the early 20th century as well as to the later persecution. It was actually assumed that the Kutanawa tribe ceased to exist. It disappeared from the Brazilian government map for a hundred years. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, the representatives of the tribe came to the government demanding their rights.

The tribe now has between 100 and 400 members (information on this varies). After years of struggle, they are slowly rebuilding their cultures, traditions, language, history and numbers. To survive, Kutanawa tribe connect with other tribes and they organize festivals where they share their culture, including their Rape mixes. with foreigners and tourists. And although their language is unlikely to be reconstructed, the sacred land belonging to the Kutanawa tribe is now safe and abundant – it develops and flourishes, and the Kutanawa can calmly rebuild their strength.

Therefore, this tribe’s Rape is charged with exceptional energy – the members of Kutanawa say that Rape helps them gain strength, clarity and power to have the right attitude and make the right decisions.

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