THE PLANT – Classic Sweatshirt

THE PLANT – Classic Sweatshirt

Thank You for buying a product, in which several people put their love and their huge talent. However, I have to worry You a little. You bought a very beautiful product of good quality, but because of it’s color, not very practical. Therefore, if You want to enjoy it as long as possible, please wash it at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.

Fairy tales written by Kamila Satya, a very talented Witch, who knows.

Design created by amazing illustrator Barbara Michno.

with love and gratitude,

Pauli & Forca Femina

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Kabero liked lonely walks in the woods and nearby meadows. He enjoyed these vagabonds from late spring to early fall. He often spent whole days there, and sometimes it happened that he also spent the night in shacks. He picked blueberries, raspberries, mushrooms, herbs and wild honey. He later carried it to his cozy little hut and used it to stockpile it for late fall and winter. He dried, pickled and cooked. He also prepared health ointments and tinctures. All this to be able to feed yourself and strengthen yourself when the cold days come. Sometimes his distant neighbor, Nordo, with whom he liked to have a chat about more or less important things, looked at him. They were sitting on the log in the sun then, sipping cool lemonade, talking with a smile. Sometimes they went together on some forest tramp. At that time, they spent time among the trees, watching birds and insects, collecting plants, and in the evenings sitting by the fire and telling shamanic tales about the Plant.

The plant was supposedly unusual. There were rumors that it was growing in the area, but they never encountered it on their way. Nordo said it had long, finger-like green leaves and could grow quite large. “In the village, they say,” he said with a flushed face, “that you cannot miss it because it gives off a characteristic smell. But if so, we would have found it long ago or only you during your lonely tramps. I wonder where it is… ”

“I feel we need to ask it directly where it is,” Kabero replied. “I feel like we’ll find it at the next New Moon. The lack of its shine will show us its shine. ”

They were impatiently counting down the time to the New Moon. The days, and especially the nights, dragged on mercilessly. The time has finally come. They met at the edge of the meadow. Kabero carried in his hands a high stick, ended with a golden ball. “It’s a Plantini”, he said. “Its Lunasphere will show us the splendor of the Plant. Let’s trust it.” I will begin a quiet, mindful walk in the twilight among the tall grasses.The sun-scented earth stunned a bit. Wild bees and butterflies circled above them departing to the wild beehives and going to rest. Birds chirped from nearby trees, calling from their nests, and in the distance, among the branches of the elm, the first tricks of the nightingale sounded. There was a silence all around, as if the nightingale were now soloing on the stage. Kabero and Nordo breathed in the scents with delight, enjoying in spirit the meeting with the Plant. They expressed their gratitude and the will to know it in their hearts. They believed that in this way they could summon it – with Mindfulness and Gratitude.

Lunasphere trembled at the tip of the stick. They both looked at it at the same time and smiled. The Moon was just entering the climax of its New Moon. He was nowhere to be seen in the sky, only its causative energy could be felt. Suddenly they felt a faint scent. They closed their eyes, their nostrils widened. They had never smelled like this before. Yes, I think it’s a Plant.
Kabero leaned forward, still leading the stick with Lunasphere, now vibrated and lit up gently. This barely visible glow consisted of many rays that fell on the Plant and enveloped it. The plant had long, finger-like leaves on thin stems, and it smelled like nothing they had known before. A bit spicy and sweet at the same time. Certainly stunning.

“Hello, my dear prospectors,” said the plant, and Kabero knelt over it in surprise. It was the first time the Plant had spoken to him in such a voice: gentle and strong at the same time.

“I didn’t show up to you before because I didn’t feel you were ready for it,” the Plant continued. “Many peole are looking for me, sometimes they find me, but they are unable to take advantage of the knowledge I’m passing on. I’ve been watching you for some time, especially you, Kabero. You respect Mother Earth, use her goods wisely and responsibly.

That is why I chose you to be the herald of my Knowledge and you, Nordo, to be his witness.

I am asking you to bring into the world the knowledge that I have and which I will pass on to you. You’re responsible for the purity of its message. You are the Keepers of the Plant from now on. You asked to see me and here I am “.

Surprised Kabero didn’t know what to say. Nordo hugged his friend warmly with happiness. From then on, they both deepened their knowledge of The Plant. They looked after it, and the Plant repaid them with diligence.


Thank You for buying a product, in which several people put their love and their huge talent.

Fairy tales written by Kamila Satya, a very talented Witch, who knows.

Design created by amazing illustrator Barbara Michno.

with love and gratitude,

Pauli & Forca Femina




XS length (60cm), chest width (50cm), sleeve length (55cm)

S length (64cm), chest width (52cm), sleeve length (59cm)

M length (66cm), chest width (56cm), sleeve length (60cm)

L length (68cm), chest width (58cm), sleeve length (62cm)

XL length (72cm), chest width (65cm), sleeve length (64cm)

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