Agua de Florida Shamanic Cleanse Fragrant Water 270ml

Agua de Florida Shamanic Cleanse Fragrant Water 270ml

The original Agua de Florida by Lanman & Kemp (formerly Murray & Lanman) embodies shamanic traditions, perfect for cleansing and protection during your work with Rapéh .

This shamanic cologne, used in Peru, is a blend of floral, herbal, and spice scents: neroli, clove, orange blossom, bergamot, lemon, lavender, cinnamon, and rose. Its mystical aroma aids in deep relaxation and meditation.

Benefits of Using Agua de Florida: ⭐️ Refreshes and cleanses energy. ⭐️ Improves mood, brightens, and centers. ⭐️ Stimulates the senses, evokes positive feelings, and reduces fatigue.

Uses: Rituals and Ceremonies: Perfect for cleansing and harmonizing energy. Bath: Add a few drops to your bath to cleanse the body, boost energy, and refresh. Pour the water into a spray bottle and use it to freshen up rooms, avoiding the face, eyes, and mouth.


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Agua de Florida – refreshing, protective, and deeply relaxing. Allow yourself a mystical journey into the world of scents and traditions.

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